APPENDIX Z68: Quantum Representation of “Physical” Q4P

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Quantum Representation of
“Physical” Q4P
– pegging-off of
MIT’s Llloyd*
the key contemporary
scientic hypothesis bridge to Summa
from a secular / scientific / mechanistic perspective
All interactions between particles in the universe…convey
not only energy but also information in other words, particles
not only collide, they
compute. What is the entire universe
computing, ultimately? Its own dynamical evolution…
As the
computation proceeds,
reality unfolds.
-from the back-cover of Programming
the Universe
By Seth Lloyd, Professor,
Mechanical Engineering,
MIT(c) 2006, First Vintage Books Edition (NY)

Lloyd’s hypothesis provides key 1:1 buttress to Summa.
Indeed, “Q4P
is hiding in plain sight,” as we have
hypothesized since 1988 via Summa Metaphysica I
(hardcover), and then
via Summa Metaphysica II (2005)
Birnbaum’s Q4P
resonates as a fuller
wrap-around conceptualization
Lloyd’s universe as a programming entity
*MIT scientist Seth Lloyd directs the Center for Extreme Quantum
Information Theory at MIT, where he is also a professor
of Mechanical

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