APPENDIX Z4: Where is Option B?

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Where is Option B?
Summa proposes a unied metaphysics….
call it Option A
But, where is the competing Option B?
Obviously, we have
questions with regards Option A.
But, with Option A, we do seem to have an elegant,
overarching, seemingly seamless, powerful, crisp
metaphysics which seems to elegantly nesse an
endless series of issues – cosmology, cosmogony,
theodicy, theology, evolutionary biology, teleology – and
on and on….
Option A happens to nicely dovetail as well with
components of the Torah
and with key components of
Lurianic Kabbalah – aside from being universalistic
humanistic and empowering – to all.
So, therefore the next
obvious step might be to stack our
Option A against Option B.

But, what is Option B?
And, where is Option B?
Which is the salient
contender, challenger, old champion?
You might say that there
are 100+ contenders?
And that they are too numerous to count?
OK, but which is the salient contender?
No salient contender?
That is the point.
While Summa makes numerous assertions, they all
nicely into the Potential framework – its unifying
column’ – and the overall construct is
It is not clear which other metaphysics challenges

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