APPENDIX J: Convergence

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All roads lead to the innite fount of Quest for Potential
Religion, spirituality,
the life sciences, physics, chemistry,
astronomy et al. all converge on the road to Innity.
They do not quite merge,
as the quest for ultimate
innity is elusive, but they do converge.
In our quasi–nite milieu they are seemingly
– at least without the Quest for Potential
onto them.
However, on that ethereal
road to the innite fount of Quest
for Potential
they converge closer and closer.

Why is that?
Because they were originally tributaries of the
of Quest for Potential
/Extraordinariation. Thus, an
objective observer looking at their trajectories
would track
back to their original divergence from the fount.
Thus, they are each truly not “complete” without
“Crown” (of Quest for Potential
) afxed to them.
And it is at the “Crown–point” that they converge,
de facto merge, and de facto unify.
Key “gaps” and “loose-ends” across the spectrum
of elds of human study and inquiry, will tend to
“ll-in” relatively seamlessly employing the
Note that “Keter” (Crown) is, as well, an important component in
Kabbalah. There is a convergence, to utilize that
same term once
again here, between my usage of the term Crown and the
Kabbalistic explication of Keter.

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