Section 1: Potentialism Theory

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Potentialism Theory
“Sequenced Summa”
[ a quasi-Loop ]
via 16 points
Summa’s handling of the
key inter-related issues in
Philosophy / Metaphysics / Theology / Science
Note to reader: Over the course of its three volumes,
Summa Metaphysica handles almost all issues on
– ranging from a stripped-down thoroughly “secular level”
through a richer, more textured and nuanced “religious/
spiritual level.”
At the request of an array of “interested parties” –
ranging from young students through teachers to journalists
to scientists
the sequence below presents the stripped-down
secular level –
with a few references
(needed even in this stripped-down version)
to a Theistic perspective in 3 of the 16 component
parts here.
The Cosmic Spinal Column of Potential

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