APPENDIX Z14: “Nothing”

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It would be incorrect, of course, to imply or
that Summa maintains that NOTHING preceded all.
That position, respectfully, would, by denition, be a
metaphysical ‘dead end.’
The ‘starting point’ of the cosmos is not NOTHING.
Rather, Summa proposes that ‘Potential/Possibility’ was/
is eternal. And ‘Potential/Possibility’ is clearly a
far more
complex and a far richer concept than ‘Nothing.’
While, one can posit that by denition ‘Potential/
Possibility’ is eternal, one can also posit that by
‘Nothing’ is just that – nothing. And no entity or
agent or
force can turn nothing into something. By denition.
‘Potential/Possibility’ may, indeed have dimensions/
facets of which we are either unaware, or cannot fully

grasp. ‘Possibility/Potential’ in turn, may have had
ability to traverse – or impel the traversing – from
metaphysical to reality as we know it.
‘Possibility/Potential’ may have had the power, ultimately,
to divide ‘0’* ( hypothesized core “zero-point/integer” )
into positives and negatives, as discussed in the
And, herein, in my estimation, is most probably the crux of
the genesis of our little universe.
*technical note:
maybe we should treat the Hebrew word ayin as “0”
“Cosmologists sometimes claim that the universe can
arise ‘from
nothing.’ But this is loose language. Even if
shrunk to a point or a
quantum state, our universe is latent with
particles and forces: it has far
more content and structure
than what a philosopher calls ‘nothing.’”
(Martin Rees, Our Cosmic Habitat, p. 142)

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