APPENDIX P: Optimization

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The signature component of
(Quest for Potential
/Extraordinariation) is optimization.
The component will tend to optimize anything and
For example, life on earth will emerge both on the oxygen-
sustained surface, as well as in toxic hydrothermal
vents in
the depths of the ocean.
Optimization has “worked-out” the solution-path in
each case.
But, remember, optimization is the signature
component of Q4P, which in turn is at the heart
of Innite Divine Potential.

From Big Bangs to the evolution of snails, optimization will
be hard at work.
From advancing human consciousness,
to advancing
peak-experiences, from the spiritual through the sexual,
optimization has a 24/7 “consulting contract.”
Both the optimization components of (Newtonian) calculus
and the iterative components of Mandelbrot fractals
are the (intertwined) mathematical threads here. They
presumably underpin the mathematical component,
I hypothesize to be present.
(All) the other elds and extraordinary dimensions
to this
optimization component, presumably are intertwined–with,
and wrap-around, the math.
This may prove somewhat hard to clinically prove 🙂

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