APPENDIX Z25: Where is the Divine?

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Where is the Divine?
Metaphysical challenge:
Choose from these multiple
choice options:
a) Nowhere
b) Up there / Separate
from us
c) Here
d) Here, and it encompasses
all / We are part of It
– and integral to It.
Summa rejects (a) and (b), agrees with (c) but embraces (d).
The author is dubious that any metaphysics, which
embraces (a) or (b) can present a viable
holistic and fully-satisfying option. Summa believes
the metaphysical debate needs to take place within
embrace of (c) or (d).

Atheism embraces (a)
Note that Aristotelianism (Aristotle was the student
Plato, who in turn was the student of Socrates)
classic mainstream Western (religious) thought classically
both embrace (b).
Taoism and much Eastern
philosophical/religious thought
embrace (c) or (d).
“We are made of light, and we are all
part of God’s mind. Most
importantly, we are the universe itself having the experience of
knowing that.” (Fred
Alan Wolf, Time Loops and Space Twists,
p. 232)

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