APPENDIX Z52: Ecology [by Dr. Andrei Alyokhin]*

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[by Dr. Andrei Alyokhin]*
The very basic laws of ecology describing the growth
regulation of populations of living organisms appear
to t
the metaphysical model of the cosmic Quest for
proposed by David Birnbaum. Obviously, ecology is
only one of many sub disciplines within the rather
science of biology, and
biology is only one of many natural
sciences (albeit a very important one).
Therefore, this
observation alone does not serve as an immediate
decisive proof that the Quest is indeed the major
force behind each and every natural process.
Nevertheless, it is
truly fascinating that an established
scientic theory based
on experimental evidence and
mathematic models is in
such a strong agreement
a philosophical theory
of Conceptual Theorist Birnbaum,
and developed independently
of any formal natural history
research. This is unlikely to happen by
chance alone.
Therefore, it is reasonable to propose the Quest for Potential
as a working hypothesis
for explaining the impetus behind
the cosmic dynamic.

Testing this hypothesis would involve a critical review of
other scientic theories
explaining particular phenomena in
chemistry, physics,
sociology, etc. for their
agreement with
Birnbaum’s proposed Overarching Theory.
Ultimately, this may yield a unied view of
the Universe,
which would be a major leap in fullling our potentiality
conscious beings.
*Dr. Andrei Alyokhin
Professor and Graduate Coordinator
School of Biology and Ecology
University of Maine
Orono, ME

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