APPENDIX Z39: Metaphysical Assumptions

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Metaphysical Assumptions
incorrect: Time is linear
correct: Time is non-linear
incorrect: “Originally” there was NOTHING
correct: Eternally there was Potential/Possibility
incorrect: We are nite beings
correct: We are nite+ beings
incorrect: God is “there”
and we are “here”
correct: There is no
divide in the Divine

incorrect: We are no
longer able to “connect” with the
correct: As we are
integral to the Innite Divine,
by denition we eternally organically connect
incorrect: Physics is a secular science, inherently
antithetical to an Innite Divine
correct: All scientic Investigation is an
examination of
components of the Innite Divine.
There is no divide between scientic and spiritual
incorrect: The Innite Divine can be delineated
correct: As the Innite Divine is an ever-morphing and
evolving supra-Entity,
best to focus on attempting
to delineate “the core attribute(s) of the
[Summa proposes that this core is: Q4P

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