APPENDIX Z32: Aesthetic Elegance

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Aesthetic Elegance
After multi-day discussion/debate at Bard
Annandale-on-Hudson, Upstate,
NY as to the sine
qua non (~the necessary aspect) of a powerful
metaphysics, the consensus emerged that since
metaphysics (by its innite nature and ambition) does not
lend itself to formal scientic proof, its aesthetic elegance
indeed emerges as perhaps its key dening aspect.*
Of course, aesthetic elegance, seemingly subjective, in
reality embraces many clinical components. Presumably
the metaphysics under examination at-a-minimum passes
muster vis à vis the litmus test checklist proposed at the
very beginning of the appendix section in Appendix
Metaphysics Analysis.

Now, the human psyche is
awesomely complex. But it
ultimately often seeks to boil-down a litmus test
to just one concept. Aesthetic elegance
presents itself as
a viable candidate in metaphysics.
Incorporated into
qualication for aesthetic elegance
necessarily be the
requirement that the metaphysics comports
with ‘actual knowledge’
i.e. the hard and soft

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