APPENDIX Z5: Cosmic Nesting (Iterativeness)

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Cosmic Nesting (Iterativeness)
– is hypothesized in Summa Metaphysica to exist
and to nest:
Q4P ( Q4P ( Q4P
(In formal mathematical terms:
innite self-similar progression-regression
is suggested)
Mandelbrot Fractiles nest:
The geometry of
[Mandelbrot set] fractiles
[developed by Polish/French/American Jewish
émigré mathematician Benoit Bernard Mandelbrot
heavily c. 1970-1982 during his thirty-ve year
(1958-1993) tenure at IBM]
deals with the creation of ever-repeating,
“self-similar patterns” nested within each

Nature nests:
the pattern on twigs on a branch resembles
the pattern of limbs branching off the trunk
the pattern of a major river looks like the
pattern of
its smaller tributaries
the fractile pattern of the bronchus of the human
lung, keeps repeating in the smaller and smaller
Natural water frost crystal growth shows fractile
Generations nest:
Son of the son of the son of the son, etc….
Consciousness, Anger, Love
and Sexual Arousal
(among other dynamics)
all possibly have nesting dimensions
meaning, layer upon nuanced-layer ratchets-up the
particular dynamic.

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