APPENDIX K: Cracking the Cosmic Code*

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Cracking the Cosmic Code*
Physics attempts to do so.
Secular philosophy attempts to do so.
Religious philosophy attempts to do so.
All hit major “roadblocks.”
Why is that?
*or more precisely, unraveling another crucial layer or two of the
cosmic code

Because, the code–breaker
is Quest for Potential
Extraordinariation, (Q4P), which is at the intersection
of all three, but not classically thoroughly within any
of the three.
Do the three indeed intersect?
The mainstream classic wisdom would be –
not necessarily.
But the mainstream classic wisdom is wrong.
All three intersect at their fount (see exhibit
above –
And their fount is the
crucial intersection.
Only a dynamic with the transcendent – and
– overarching power of Q4P,
could possibly have had the power to ignite a

Q4P would be in the realm of Metaphysics. Not
physics and not quite philosophy of any classic
Only a theme from within the general genre of Metaphysics
could ultimately be able to provide a potentially
possible simultaneous answer to hitherto inexplicable
conundrums in those 3 classic realms noted above –
[classic physics]:
Where did the rst quark came
Meaning, where did the very smallest sub-atomic
particle, whatever that turns out to be, come
[classic philosophy]:
Why there is any reality at all?
Meaning, why is there not simply a state
of “nothingness”?

[classic religious philosophy]:
What are the eternal origins of the innite (‘eternal’)
Divine? Meaning, by what imperative/actualization is
there the Divine which you posit/assert?
However, the introduction
of Q4P does, respectfully,
simultaneously and elegantly “solve” all three
issues, and
the constellation of related issues in each eld.
I have covered these matters – at least on the
surface –
over the course of the three volumes of Summa.

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