ELABORATION – “Platforms of Potential”

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Thus, some salient ‘platforms’ of the post-Big Bang cosmic order
(some more directly relevant to us than others) –
13.7 billion years ago: The Big Bang
At 13.7 billion years ago minus one micro-second:
quarks and gluons congealed into protons and neutrons
At 13.3 billion years ago: electrons and nuclear particles combined
into atoms
At 13.2 billion years ago: gravity exerts its pull
At 12.95 billion years ago: supernovas…and the consequent 98
(discovered) natural terrestrial elements ultimately necessary for
humans. (My conjecture is that the nal number might be precisely 100.)
At 12.7 billion years ago; galaxies
4 billion years ago: life on our own planet
3.9 billion years ago: photosynthesis
3.5 billion years ago: rst strand of DNA makes-an-appearance
1.5 billion years ago: organisms with cell nucleus containing DNA
1.2 billion years ago: sexual reproduction
1.0 billion years ago: multi-cellular life appears
540 million years ago: Cambrian Explosion
460 million years ago: life moves ashore
390 million years ago: amphibians
335 million years ago: the rst forests
300 million years ago: reptiles
275 million years ago: Large mammals Take # I
200 million years ago: dinosaurs
150 million years ago: birds
114 million years ago: owers
65 million years ago (post Dinosaur extinction): Large mammals Take #2
4 million BCE: First hominids
1.8 million BCE: Homo Erectus
130,000 BCE: Neanderthal Man

120,000 BCE: Homo Sapiens
13,000 BCE: agriculture
7,600 BCE: Zhenpiyan, China, culture
3,250 BCE: Hieroglyphics
3,100 BCE: 60 place-value mathematics in Babylonia
2,500 BCE: Stonehenge
2,400 BCE: precise astronomical calendar, Egypt
1,250 BCE: Monotheism codied in Ten Commandments
Mind and consciousness have emerged and advance ongoing. Then,
roughly speaking, culture and love (in each case, we’re focusing-on
the genre of Mankind’s predilection) manifest.
Ongoing, consciousness – and its ever higher-level platforms –
advances. Consciousness – in its manifold aspects – seems to be
the arena where the next platform(s) will play out. Presumably this
is already underway on some level. Note that there is no reason to
assume that we have reached the end of ‘platform building’.

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