APPENDIX Z41: Framing Beliefs

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Framing Beliefs
“There are many other
unprovable framing beliefs, and
they have perplexed philosophers since humans rst
thought systematically about such things. Is there really a
world out there, or are
there only our sense impressions?
Are there other minds? Do
we have free will? Has the
universe existed for billions of years, or did it
come into
existence ve minutes ago, together with false
and evidence? These are staple topics of any
course of philosophy.
Framing beliefs – that there is an
external world, and other minds, and free will – lie
the scope of proof. Nonetheless, they are what give
meaning to the chaos of experience.*”
from the author –
I am proposing the Summa hypothesis/theory/paradigm
/ Extraordinariation – as a “Framing Belief”
* Jonathan Sacks, The Great Partnership, New York: Random House, Inc. 2011, p.33

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