APPENDIX M: Is Q4P Morally Neutral?

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Is Q4P
Morally Neutral?
That does not appear to be the case.
“Giving-ness” is crucial for child-rearing, and
is crucial for cosmic Q4P.
And “giving-ness” is clearly
identiable with “good” (at least by me).
“giving-ness” was crucial to creation itself, but I
have not
discerned the play there.
As readers and writers, our natural inclination
be to associate greater good with greater potential.
That would be my position.
On net balance the cosmos thus would seem to tilt
towards the positive.
However, the tilt towards
the positive is not necessarily
overwhelming – by any means.
Dealing with this question is a very major
undertaking. And
I’m not so brave.

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