APPENDIX Z26: String Theory and ‘Provability’

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String Theory and ‘Provability’
String Theory is a contender for the “theory of
in physics.”
After 40 years of intense effort (and
failure) by String Theory
advocates to make
predictions which can denitively
be tested by experiment,
String Theory is nevertheless
essentially accepted by
its many and often quite-eminent
scientic community proponents
because of it’s elegance,
its conceptual aesthetic
appeal, and its relative power vis à
vis other contending theories. As well, there is the hope of its
advocates that in the
future there may be some measurable
consequences. On net
balance to date, it is a noble
effort by
many hundreds of scientists to transcend mortal
and current
scientic limitations.
Thus, in Physics, which demands as an almost
sine qua non (essential condition) testability, provability
and ultimately proof, in this instance an untested
unproven theory is nevertheless held in the
possible (international) esteem.
Note that Metaphysics, which more often than not
probes the innite, the transcendent, and
cosmic axioms, does not require scientic proof per se. It
inviolably requires,
however, the absence of contradiction
with physics and science, as a whole.

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