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Owing to the particulaly radical nature of this proposition, I cite here
several buttressing sources from the mainstream contemporary
scientists community. See the following:
#A John A. Wheeler, “World as a System Self-Synthesized by
Quantum Networking,” IBM Journal of Research and Development
vol. 32, no. 1 (1988), p. 4.
#B Cosmologists J. R. Gott III and L.-X. Li, “Can the Universe Create
Itself?” Physical Review D, vol. 58 (1998], p. 023501.
#C Astronomer Fred Hoyle who concludes that “the Universe is seen
as an inextricably linked loop…Everything exists at the courtesy of
everything else”. The Intelligent Universe [London: Michael Joseph,
1983), p. 248.
#D Cosmologist Paul Davies, The Goldilocks Enigma, chapter 10
How Come Existence? sub- section “Loops in Time” (pps. 251-
254) (© 2006 by Davies, First Mariner Books edition, UK ) for survey
overview, plus citation to Davies’ own prior causal loop-theory article
“Closed Time..” in Natural Physical Science , vol. 240, (1972), p. 248.
In the Afterword nale’ to his 2006 Goldilocks ‘survey masterwork’,
Davies concludes that the optimal eventual cosmology [he was not
aware of Summa Metaphysica 1988, 2005 at that point] would
contain the following components:
# Davies – “something unexpected has to be accepted as a given”
[ Summa proposes Innite Potential (Q4P ininitely iterated &
nesting .]
# Davies – “and the rest of the explanatory scheme constructed on
[ Summa does just that.]
# Davies – [potentially] a closed explanatory or causal loop
[ Summa has a quasi-closed explanatory/causal loop (see PULL

# Davies – [maybe even] a backward-in-time causation whereby the
universe creates itself…self-contained”
[ Summa incorporates a similar integral component – see PULL –
# Davies – “something self-activating…self-consistent loops capable
of understanding themselves with (at least the potential for) life and
[ Summa comports to this checklist, as well. But articulates just one
Note that only the suis generis proposed concept of Quest for
Potential innitely nested & iterated
– and then inserted as centerpiece to a nuanced metaphysics –
could pull-off the multi-tasking Davies is looking for. = because only
Potential/Possibility can be posited with conviction as being eternal (
see point 1a above).
Davies is clear that the scientic community is looking for a
mathematical formula. So here is the deal:
1) Q4P ( Q4P ( Q4P is a conceptual formula.
2) Science has been looking in the wrong zone. It should have been
looking in a conceptual zone – as opposed to a mathematical zone –
for an ultimate eternal dynamic. Mathematics may be linked-at-the-
hip to the dynamic, but the dynamic would be the ‘re breather into
the equations’ – and not vice versa.

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