APPENDIX Z48: “The Same Recipe”

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“The Same Recipe”
on-point: Q4P / Cosmic Traction
“A universe hospitable to life—what we might call
biophilic universe—has to be very special in many
The prerequisites for any
life—long-live stable stars, a
periodic table of atoms with complex chemistry, and so
on—are sensitive to physical laws and could not
emerged from a Big Bang with a recipe that was even
slightly different. Many
recipes would lead to stillborn
universes with no atoms, no chemistry, and no planets; or
to universes too short lived or too empty to allow
to evolve beyond sterile uniformity. This distinctive and
special-seeming recipe seems to me a fundamental
mystery that should not be brushed aside merely as
brute fact.’” (p. xvi)
on-point: Q4P / Extraordinariation
“Likewise, we should surely probe deeper, and ask why
a unique recipe for the physical world should
consequences as interesting as those we see around
us.”…(p. 163)
*** Cosmologist Martin Rees, Our Cosmic Habitat. New Jersey: Princeton University
Press. 2001. pp xvi, 163

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