APPENDIX S: Book #1 (God and Evil) v. Book #2 (God and Good)

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Book #1 (God and Evil)
Book #2 (God and Good)
Many readers of the Summa
much prefer Book #1 over
Book #2.
Presumably, it is
clearer, and its style is more in a classic
expository presentation/form. Plus Book #1 actually
real, normal sentence structures.
Furthermore, Book #1 is almost a stand-alone, fairly
comprehensible original and hi-energy, complete
But only almost.

Whereas Book #1 conceptualized and framed-out the
existence of Quest for Potential (enroute to dealing
theodicy, and before I
brought Extraordinariation into the
equation), Book #2 attempts to get its arms around the
entire Q4P.
However, the mission of
Book #2 is not so simple.
How does one use regular language to describe an
innitely expanding (as we speak) Innitude?
I thought about Book #2 for fourteen years before
commencing 5-6 years of writing. And I only even
conceived of a line of approach 12 years into the fourteen
years of mulling-over this little task. So, either
I’m slow or
the task is challenging, or some combination
As noted in the introductory section to God and
Book #2 is heavily intuitive as the major motif, and heavily
intellectual as the minor motif, whereas Book #1 was the
mirror-image in these

To achieve my (ambitious?)
goals for Book #2, I needed
to not only push my own psyche to its limits, which
frankly painful, but I needed to push your psyches
their respective limits, which I presume may have been
somewhat grating, aggravating, frustrating or some
combination thereof.
I saw no other route.
And time marches on.
Remember that Book #1 initially encountered very
signicant resistance when it was published in 1988.
one criticized it; it just wasn’t “grasped.” Then,
about 2-5
years after publication, it achieved ‘traction,’ for
combination of reasons. Note that Book #2 plays at a
totally different
level (higher) than Book #1, which itself was
not shy in its goals.
— Birnbaum

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