APPENDIX Z28: Theory of Everything* (in Physics)

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Theory of Everything* (in Physics)
“A theory of everything (TOE) or nal theory
is a
putative theory of theoretical physics that fully
and links together all known physical phenomena,
predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be
carried out in principle.
Many candidate theories of everything (in physics)
have been proposed by theoretical physicists during
the twentieth century, but
none have been conrmed
experimentally. The
primary problem in producing a TOE is
that general relativity and quantum mechanics
are hard to
unify. This is one of the
unsolved problems in physics….
While loop quantum gravity [theory] attempts to
quantum eld theory and general
string theory and its successor M-theory, remain the only
prominent candidates as a theory of everything.”
*Wikipedia Online, (accessed April 25, 2012)

from the author –
Summa, of course, fully embraces physics, and
that Q4P
is by denition fully synchronous with physics.
Metaphysics is about painting a “bold brush
super-macro overarching conceptual Theory of Everything
(meaning, a “real deal” Theory of Truly Everything). The
correct [overarching]
metaphysics theory would embrace
within its fold the correct [overarching] physics theory.
The author respectfully believes that ultimately
physics will
be compelled to make its way to Q4P
in order to cross
the nal theoretical bridge in its quest for a Theory of
Everything (in Physics), including Big Bang
Note that as a reference
to their work, metaphysicians
avoid using that (TOE) terminology or a more precise
phrase for metaphysics like “Macro Theory of
because the terminology projects/resonates as being too
presumptuous. But conceptual macro brush strokes is
essentially what metaphysics is ultimately all
about. Macro
Everything. That is what metaphysicians are paid to

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