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David Birnbaum is the architect of the groundbreaking Potentialism Theory - which is expounded in his 3-volume philosophy series Summa Metaphysica. He is also the editor-in-chief of Mesorah Matrix, a major (10-volume, 10 theme, 150+ essayists) series on Jewish spirituality; Birnbaum is also the chronicler of a 7-volume Jewish history timeline titled Jews, Church & Civilization. 

Potentialism Theory, the focus of this website, is presented through the 3 volumes of Summa Metaphysica - via the respective lenses of three 'typologies of man':

Summa I: Religious Man: God & Evil
Summa II: Spiritual Man: God & Good
Summa II: Secular Man: The Transcendent Dynamic

The core theme/mantra of the (somewhat audacious) sui generis theory is that David Birnbaum's proposed core cosmic dynamic - Quest for Potential to the infinite power (Q4P** for short) - is a simultaneous solution to the core issues which have vexed philosophy/metaphysics/cosmology over the millennia.

In-the-mix, Birnbaum's PotentialismTheory - via its core theme - lances the following classic conundrums:  Eternal Origins, theogony, theodicy, teleology, Purpose. Conceptual Theorist David Birnbaum maintains that he has advanced the discussion on these multiple fronts - setting the stage and a platform for future generations to build-out the theory particulars further.

Aristotle - against myriad opposition - had proposed c. 350 BCE that there is a direction (teleology) to the universe; however, he was unable to delineate what the direction was. Birnbaum fills-in that (2,300 year) blank.

The David Birnbaum theory de facto fatally undermines Hard Atheism/Randomness Theory, which has been the governing theory/fundamentalism across British academe for several centuries.

Subsequent to Potentialism's Theory's introduction via God & Evil - now Summa I (KTAV, 1988), the work has received very considerable support and buttress across the global academic and scientific communities (see RewindSumma.com).

David Birnbaum's Potentialism Theory is perceived by its backers to be metaphysicaly all-embracing - and scientifically bullet-proof. No bona fide flaw has been discerned in the theory to-date. Time will tell if it essentially stands alone in the pantheon of metaphysics/cosmology/philosophy.


updated: Apr 2017