ZETA: “Principia Metaphysica” 2



In the first book, the fleshed-out version of The Unified Formulation spans the entire PART TWO of the book.

In this second book, the fleshed-out version of PRINCIPIA METAPHYSICA spans the entire PART I of the book – The Cosmic Womb of Potential. Meaning, in this second book, the fleshed-out version wraps around the SUMMARY section ZETA (here).

Note that the two Cosmic Tool Kit sections
(Shelf #1 and Shelf #2) – both in this
Part I: Cosmic Womb part – deliberately – one BEFORE Principia Metaphysica – and one AFTER – are integral and key sub-axioms to Principia Metaphysica.

The orientations of The Unified Formulation v. Principia Metaphysica are slightly different – but obviously dovetail and have overlap.

The two formulations should ‘stitch together’ seamlessly.

(You will note that Group 1000 seems to be missing; The reason is that we employed the 1000 number for the APPENDICES in Book #1 [in 1988], following upon-the-heels of the Unified Formulation, for ease-of-reference for our readers. In retrospect, the APPENDICES should not have been assigned the 1000 number.)


Now, as we know, my key concept is Quest for Potential∞ [to the infinite power]. But the work also posits that polarities and inverses drive the cosmic order.

Furthermore, Quest for Potential∞ alone may be “curiouser” than it appears at first look. Indeed, I would conjecture that, going-forward, beyond the scope of this two-volume series, and beyond the ‘tenure’ of this author, it will prove ever richer-and-richer.

In dealing with Quest for Potential∞, we are dealing
with a dynamic of transcendent and approaching-Infinite power.


Now, there are powerful complementary sub-dynamics which ensemble constitute Quest for Potential∞

As articulated clearly in this Book #2, I posit that REALITY parallels METAPHYSICAL REALMS. I propose that one can extrapolate missing components in metaphysics from dynamics in reality – and vice versa. This powerful concept may ultimately morph the field of metaphysics into a highly stylized and more formal field.