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(my term)

The Cosmic Order endeavors to become ever-more extraordinary and wondrous.

EXTRAORDINARIATION is both the work-in-progress and ultimate goal.

Complexification and Variation have as their end-goals, EXTRAORDINARIATION.

The ‘cosmic trajectory’ is from the bottomless VOID to the limitless EXTRAORDINARY.
This is the “cosmic bootstrapping” I have hypothesized since Book #1. The potential of mega-EXTRAORDINARY enroute towards the end–of–the–rainbow is the “force-multiplier” – the ultimate sui generis ‘metaphysical magnet’ – which propels the cosmos forward.

Only this potential EXTRAORDINARY could have the power to divide the initial timeless void into ‘positives’ and ‘negatives,’ thereby igniting and creating the cosmos.

As extraordinary as one may think matters get, and they are indeed quite extraordinary already in-front-of-our-eyes, one must hypothesize that ultimate matters are quite ‘unbounded.’

(Others may categorize or hypothesize this as Messianic Era, Perfection, Redemption;
But, according to our hypothesis, “supra-EXTRAORDINARIATION” – on-all-fronts – encompassing all secular and spiritual – is the target.)

Extraordinariation helps explain, among other things, the flourishing of –

literature, poetry, art, music

the thousands of species of dainty butterflies, for example

the beauty of thousands of varieties of flowers

Magnificent sunsets

Violin virtuosos

the beauty of the heavens

art in all its variations

the ‘pull’ of spirituality

and, last but not least,

HUMANS – individually and collectively

– with all their wondrous complexity and drives

– and their emergence as the dominant players
on the planet

Like the trek towards INFINITY in math, EXTRAORDINARIATION is, according to this thesis, more of a PROCESS, an ongoing endeavor, an ongoing work-in-progress. The PROCESS is the deal, not necessarily the ultimate ATTAINMENT of a specific discrete goal, which is by definition unbounded,

The unboundedness of the ‘goal’ …with the infinite richness inherent, retroactively empowers the ‘leap
from the void’ questing with unquenchable thirst for
this (unbounded) infinite attainment.

This work proposes that EXTRAORDINARIATION –
in concert with the bootstrapping quest thereof – QUEST for POTENTIAL∞ – is the hitherto elusive
couplet “holy grail” of metaphysics.
Like two complementary overarching super-dynamic tornadoes, hypothetically linked at their epicenters, these two intertwined dynamics propel the cosmos forward.

Connect-all-the-dots and you will sense better what
I am articulating.

We are in the midst of the cosmic “Potential Storm”;
Consequently we see “individual trees”, as opposed to the forest (Quest for Potential∞) as-a-whole.

All the billions of components and themes dovetail into these intertwined super-dynamics (Quest for Potential∞/Extraordinariation). We prefer to maintain them as a couplet, as opposed to merging them into one concept – Quest for Extraordinariation, as that would not truly be on-the-mark.

On an individual level, we quest for potential∞, and,
in rare cases, for potential which is extraordinary.
On an ongoing cumulative level, the quest is ultimately for the extraordinary.

EXTRAORDINARIATION – and its inexorable voracious hunger for variety and drama, as well – “casts a wide net” – including Predator / Prey …..with all the unending brutality entailed, as well. This is philosophically difficult to deal with. Drama in all its permutations, may be cosmically desired. Sof-kol-sof (after all has been reviewed and weighed), it would seem that DRAMA has its place in the pantheon of cosmic imperatives.

(Maybe Khalil can get me out of this one ;)


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