DELTA: Embryonic Design 5



– an infinite entity transcending time, space
and the cosmos

We are all essentially ONE

“We break beyond our own limitations and connect
in unity with God…”

– Rabbi Noah Weinberg
“Five Levels” 10/06/06

Clearly, we are closest to our nuclear family, our children and Significant Others, and not particularly close to the Hamas terrorist in Gaza… and even a touch further from a random amoeba.

…but, yes, we are all integrally interconnected
in one Whole

We are AUTONOMOUS, but we are also simultaneously a COLLECTIVE

(No, I don’t know how the voting goes)

Not only are we all, indeed, connected;
we are, on some level, at least intermittently COMMUNICATIVE,10,11 as well

We are all connected, not just on the molecular
level, not just on the atomic level, and not just on
the biological level, but, as well, somehow on the
consciousness level.

We individually and cumulatively aim and advance
towards an “Infinite Divine Extraordinariation.”


10 Communicative (A): In Orot Teshuva, Rav Kook writes that with sin man experienced detachment from fellow creatures. Man becomes isolated and alone until he repents. Rav Kook reasonably points to a familiar emotional response – the ‘outsiderness’ associated with sin or failure. With regard to this he writes: “It is impossible to express this vastly profound concept.” The author’s principle that all creation is communicative, provides insight into how such feelings arise.

11 Communicative (B): Considering Rav Kook’s spiritual observation in light of the author’s framework, it can be concluded that when an individual sins – failing to advance towards his potential – the collective cosmos objects to this action, and the individual senses this dissatisfaction. In the fourth chapter of his Orot Teshuva Rav Kook writes: “The individual and the collective soul, the world soul, the soul of all realms of being cries out like a fierce lioness in anguish for total perfection, for an ideal form of existence, and we feel the pain, and it purges us… And the soul grows toward perfection.” Thus, Rav Kook (a man of astonishing spiritual sensitivity) detected a sort of global inter–communication that was driving man towards his potential and spiritual perfection. [Birnbaum’s themes dovetail with Kook’s from the very beginning of the Summa Metaphysica series.]