APPENDIX E: Potential-Impacted Evolution



Conceptually, Evolution is correct. However, Evolution is heavily impacted by the mandates of Quest for Potential∞.

The “entrenched orthodoxy” on the subject is:
Randomness, then “natural selection”-guided evolution. The mechanics of “natural selection” are in-dispute by the academic/scientific community. It was originally thought that “survival of the fittest” was the driver of Evolution – with “survival of the fittest” incorporating the optimal ability to propagate and pass on genetic coding.

From my speculative perspective as a so-to-speak Conceptual Theorist, as opposed to a scientist, “survival of the fittest” is necessary but not sufficient. The grander and more accurate concept is that Q4P∞ impacts the evolutionary process via its Macro-Holistic Optimization tool.

[ See section MU above: “The cosmos OPTIMIZES and EVOLVES & MORPHS as it seeks OPTIMIZATION, an iterative macro–holistic–optimization of eco–systems towards the ultimate goal of INFINITE DIVINE EXTRAORDINARIATION presumably incorporating vanguard species….” ]

Local imperatives and considerations receive the most “weight” in the Macro-Holistic Optimization calculation.

Q4P∞ = ( Survival-Traction ( Panoply of Potential
( Extraordinariation

Meaning, Survival-Traction is necessary-but-not-sufficient “bedrock consideration,” but far from the only consideration.

Summa maintains that Q4P∞ is significantly impacting both the “mutations” and the natural selection. Indeed, to a very great extent Q4P∞ is choreographing multiple facets of Evolution and related.

“Evolution itself, moving upwards coordinately and undeviatingly from the lowest to the highest, demonstrates most clearly a prevision from afar – a preset purpose for all existence. Divine greatness is thereby enhanced and all the goals of faith confirmed, and trust in and service of the Divine is all the more justified – since all strives upwards and man has it in his power to improve and perfect himself and his world, he is manifestly thereby doing the will of his Creator. Spiritual perfection is thus seen to be in the center of all existence.” Rabbi Abraham Kook, Orot Ha-Kodesh (c.1920)