March 28, 2017

David Birnbaum

David Birnbaum Bio


David Birnbaum is the architect of the groundbreaking Potentialism Theory - which is expounded in his 3-volume philosophy series Summa Metaphysica. He is also the editor-in-chief of Mesorah Matrix, a major (10-volume, 10 theme, 150+ essayists) series on Jewish spirituality; Birnbaum is also the chronicler of a 7-volume Jewish history timeline titled Jews, Church & Civilization. 

Potentialism Theory, the focus of this website, is presented through the 3 volumes of Summa Metaphysica - via the respective lenses of three 'typologies of man':

Summa I: Religious Man: God & Evil
Summa II: Spiritual Man: God & Good
Summa II: Secular Man: The Transcendent Dynamic

The core theme/mantra of the (somewhat audacious) sui generis theory is that David Birnbaum's proposed core cosmic dynamic - Quest for Potential to the infinite power (Q4P** for short) - is a simultaneous solution to the core issues which have vexed philosophy/metaphysics/cosmology over the millennia.

In-the-mix, Birnbaum's PotentialismTheory - via its core theme - lances the following classic conundrums:  Eternal Origins, theogony, theodicy, teleology, Purpose. Conceptual Theorist David Birnbaum maintains that he has advanced the discussion on these multiple fronts - setting the stage and a platform for future generations to build-out the theory particulars further.

Aristotle - against myriad opposition - had proposed c. 350 BCE that there is a direction (teleology) to the universe; however, he was unable to delineate what the direction was. Birnbaum fills-in that (2,300 year) blank.

The David Birnbaum theory de facto fatally undermines Hard Atheism/Randomness Theory, which has been the governing theory/fundamentalism across British academe for several centuries.

Subsequent to Potentialism's Theory's introduction via God & Evil - now Summa I (KTAV, 1988), the work has received very considerable support and buttress across the global academic and scientific communities (see

David Birnbaum's Potentialism Theory is perceived by its backers to be metaphysicaly all-embracing - and scientifically bullet-proof. No bona fide flaw has been discerned in the theory to-date. Time will tell if it essentially stands alone in the pantheon of metaphysics/cosmology/philosophy.


updated: Apr 2017