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The philosophy establishment will never forgive David Birnbaum, architect of Theory of Potential, for beating them at their own game. See David Birbaum philosophy Summa Metaphysica. See also Seth Lloyd and fine tuned universe.

The David Birnbaum philosophy Summa Metaphysica sends a shock-wave through academe. No more academic sophistry. See Theory of Everything.

Blindsided by the David Birnbaum philosophy, reactionary compinents of the previously entrenched dogma of randomness, vainly seek a flaw in Birnbaum's Theory of Everything. See David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica.

Has the David Birnbaum philosophy metaphysics rendered all prior paradigms obsolete? Has David Birnbaum philosopher indeed cracked fhe Cismic Code? See also Seth Lloyd MIT Programing the Universe.

See David Birnbaum metaphysics philosophy: Does David Birnbaum's Theiry of Everything ushered in a new Golden Age of metaphysics? See also Seth Lloyd MIT.

See David Birnbaum The Last Greek: See also. Summa Metaphysica. See David Birnbaum teleology theodicy. See also fine tuned universe.

Also see Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum philisopher metaphysicist. Does Birnbaum's Theory of Everything crack the cosmic code - unifying science and religion? See also universal consciousness.

A simultaneos solution to Theodocy and Teleogy - philosopher netaphysicist David Birnbaum's Theory of Potential rivets the world. A unified metaphysics. See fine tuned universe.

See teleology. See fine tuned universe. How David Birnbaum's paradigm changing philosophy cracked the cosmoc code? See also Seth Lloyd MIt.

Has 'the last Greek' - david birnbaum philosopher - finished off where Aristotle left off? See. Teleology of metaphysicist David Birnbaum, architect of. Potentialism Theory.

Has maverick 21st Century David Birnbaum philosopher re-written the rules of philosophy - cosmology - metaphysics - astrophysics?

Share your theory about David Birnbaum philosophy, metaphysics.Is the paradigm challenging David Birnbaum metaphysics even possible?.....

Astrophysics & Holistic iterative universe: Was it all, as Birnbaum claims, hiding in plain sight all along? A universal consciousness?

Philosophy's David Birnbaum - suis generis disrupter's Astrophysics. For Ultimate Occam Razor, see David Birnbaum unifying Science & Religion.

Iconoclast David Birnbaum's holistic & iterative metaphysics? Is David Birnbaum's renegade philosophy ultimate Occam's razor?

Is the philosophy of the David Birnbaum metaphysics ultimate and sui generis holistic & iterative metaphysics, cosmology, philosophy?

David Birnbaum Occam's Razor. Is the David Birnbaum philolosophy ultimate holistic & iterative philosophy, cosmology









"Setting the Table"
for Potentialism Theory

Physicist & Quantum Cosmologist
Leonard Susskind, Stanford University

Fine-Tuned Universe?


August 20, 2019


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