# Direction (of the universe)
# Evolution





Quest for Potential


is the tip-of-the-spear

of Birnbaum's hypothesized directional

Prime Mover quest-force-algorithm


  see Super-Formula1000.com  


// Remember / Q4P is infinitely nested & coiled


note:   quest-force-algorithm is a Birnbaumian term; obviously, it is a hybrid play.


The Guts

of Potentialism Theory


#    Birnbaum's Prime Mover is a quest-force-algorithm

#   The Birnbaum algorithm is:   Q4P > C+ > E+
///  see: Super-Formula1000.com

per Potentialism Theory, the universe is, indeed, directional; Potential drives the universe; and does so via its quite-directional Prime Mover.

/\  see Scientific American back cover  www.TheoryAd1000.com (SEPT 2017)



JAN 2022: The Livnat/Melamed Hemoglobin Gene Study
vindicates a core plank of Birnbaum's Potentialism Theory




The Birnbaum super-formula ALGORITHM

Q4PC+ → E+

Quest for Potential∞ → Complexification → Extraordinatiation


a suis generis infinitely nested algorithm


[ the inviolate arc of the universe ]


an infinitely iterative dynamic


[ the full-spectrum macro & micro level
common denominator trajectory
of the Cosmic Order ]


the eternal - teleology / chi / direction / modus operandi - of the universe

see also Complexification1000.com


Potentialism Lexicon

Key Terms


Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential


C+ = Complexification

the cosmic drive towards increased complexity/sophistication/wondrousness


E+ = Extraordinariation

the idealized end-goal of the cosmic process; an ideal to be approached, but not quite realized



more detail/amplification to follow


Q4P∞ = the Cosmic Instinct


a directional universe

- Birnbaum, Summa Metaphysica II, March, 2005




Q4P: Birnbaum's hypothesized directional
Prime Mover quest-force-algorithm


TimeLine  of the Universe
CLICK /  Chronology1000.com
Foundations of the Universe 
hypothesis by  David Birnbaum



the quantum physics to backstop Summa Theory


a Birnbaum hypothesis

see also 2006 Programming the Universe by Seth Lloyd
Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Physics at MIT

This (2006) seminal Lloyd work came out after Summa I (November, 1988)
and Summa II (March, 2005). - and prior to Summa III (2014).


Professor Seth Lloyd - from stellar MIT - furnishes a (timely ; ) crucial -
and hitherto missing - breakthrough
cutting-edge science nuts & bolts mechanics / quantum physics mechanism
to backstop the metaphysics of Summa Theory.


translation: 'Insider' Lloyd of MIT ensures (in 2006) that 'outlier' Birnbaum's proposed (1988, 2005, 2014) global and over-arching (macro-micro) paradigm shift will prevail.


(more on Lloyd:Birnbaum further down)



the quantum physics to backstop Summa Theory (continued)


a Birnbaum hypothesis

Both Birnbaum's Q4P (Quest for Potential) dynamic and Lloyd's Quantum Computer
are (eternally) building-out from the eternal 'Genesis Point';
they are each ~infinitely iterating & optimizing -
drawing-from an ever-richer pool of resources;
each has, as well, essentially 'become' the universe -
advancing onwward and outward into the unknown;
the disciplines, language, lenses, and imagery may seem to diverge,
but the core dynamics - and implications of the two cosmologies - are eerily parallel. 


the quantum physics to backstop Summa Theory (continued)


a Birnbaum hypothesis




On Cosmology, Evolution
per Lloyd*


"In fact, the chance of an ordered universe like ours arising out of random flips of a coin is so small as to be effectively zero." - p. 57

"The amount of information in a gene can be measured; the human genome possesses some 6 billion bits of information." - p. 15


*Lloyd, Programming the Universe, Knopf, 2007, NY.

 our 'Smart Universe' driven by our hypothesized natural force (Q4P) 

see also Birnbaum Extrapolates Lloyd


Q4P∞ = the Cosmic Instinct


the alleged competition


the heirs to alchemy?


Issues with the (competing) Randomness formulation


It is clearly dead-wrong
see Direction panel just-above

Internally contradictory?
The same entrenched British Randomness academic clique which fanatically defends its (non-directional) Theory of No Theory - Randomness, simultaneously fanatically defends (directional) Evolution.

Notorious alchemists swore they could turn lead into gold. However that seems like a simple trick compared to contemporary hard-line Randomnist High Priests who profess that their theory turns the random void into our rocking and rolling - for 14 billion years - universe.
Is the Randomness formulation simply the ‘successor theory’ to alchemy?

Second Law of Thermodynamics:
Why does our allegedly random universe not implode from entropy? [hint: because it is driven forward by (competing Potentialism Theory's) Q4P, and not randomly]

combination - The Emperor's Clothes and The Wizard of Oz?
Is the fantastical Randomness formulation not a 1:1 parallel to these just-noted fables of vacuousness?

We are all still waiting for the actual theory:
The hard-line Randomness clique has perfected the dark art of "toxifying" any theorist who dares disagree with their aimless and hollow construct; but, after 150+ years, for their part they have yet to produce an actual theory. [ translation: the Randomness/Aimlessness clique is an intellectual charlatan ]

From the shadows, the Randomnist clique hyper- aggressively mauls 'directional universe' theorists, but never actually seems to present an actual theory. Are we supposed to conflate frenzied attacks with an actual theory? To paraphrase the diss used by Texas cattlemen to characterize big bluster / no substance characters: These Randomness hombres are ALL HAT; NO CATTLE.

defining our universe:
There are many and significant random dimensions to our universe; but, randomness does not define it; rather, (competing Potentialism Theory's) Quest for Potential defines our universe.

'Randomness' Invalidated by Fine-Tuned Universe proposition
Is the universe fine-tuned for life? This proposition has gained increasing prominence and traction.

The proposition reached critical mass in 1999 with the publication of Just Six Numbers by Martin Rees, distinguished British Astronomer Royal. The proposition is directly antithetical to the Randomness proposition; the proposition negates Randomness. Rees went on to become head of the Royal Society.

Randomness may have been frontally challenged prior, including by Summa I, 1988, but Randomness 'is slain' by the 1999 Rees work; and a stake is driven in its heart by Summa II (2005).

'Defaming' is not 'Debating'
Some hard-line Randomness proponents seem confused. 'Defaming opposing theorists' - typically through paid surrogates/hit men - does actually not qualify for 'debating opposing theorists'.

Denial of Negative Reality
The first requirement of a theorist is to deal with reality. The 'denial of negative reality' psychosis can be hazardous to one's legacy. The core tenet of Randomness - non-directionality, has been clearly scientifically demonstrated to be false- on two fronts: Fine-Tuned universe (see Martin Rees, Just Six Numbers (1999) and Direction section from David Birnbaum, Summa Metaphysica II (2005).

Contrary to the first - and only - axiom of Randomness, the universe, is unequivocally directional.

'Game Over'?
For over a decade, and on two key different fronts, Randomness is in checkmate. Both Fine-Tuned universe formulation and the empirically demonstrated Complexification C+ / complexity teleology (universe purpose/direction) respectfully frontally render the Randomness formulation of 'no directionality' fatally undermined and disproven. The emperor, indeed, had no clothes.

the Randomness 'Theory of No Theory'
No theory.
No content.
No core work.
No formulation.
No science.
No cosmology.

The earth is not flat; the sun does not orbit the earth; our universe did not randomly ignite, gain traction, evolve, and steadily iterate towards ever-increasing sophistication and wondrousness ongoing for 14 billion years and counting.

intellectual 'sleight of hand" ?
There is no scientific anchoring whatsoever.
Random universe is simply hocus pocus masquerading as science.

product of an "echo chamber" discussion?
Group Think?

Go along to get along?
Bandwagon syndrome?

more akin to the mantra of a medieval nihilistic cult
- than to a serious academic discussion in 21st Century England

a fanatic - and in-vain - gambit
- to align science with hard-line Atheism (de facto a fundamentalist and militant anti-directional universe belief system).

"Big Brother" modus operandi
No debate; No discussion; No competition of ideas.




The Fall of Randomness

subtext: the ramifications of
the Randomness clique's abuse of power

The m.o.:
From the shadows, their 'leadership clique' has rationalized a pattern of
ongoing nefarious antics/gambits to destroy competing theorists.

unable to compete 'on the merits'
the clique deploys academic thuggery -
with slander, defamation, and misinformation
as consistently central to its messaging
- in targeting opposing theorists for destruction

The net result:
Institutionalizing the strangulation (by the Randomness clique) of global debate
as (somehow) acceptable academic practice & norm

extra-legal modus operandi
one cannot assert that their m.o. is a legal one
Is the closest descrition - 'racketeering & corrupt' ?

a few medieval ogres calling their shots
suppress all debate * crush all dissent * destroy all dissenters

actually a fundamentalist/hard-line/militant/nihilistic cult
masquerading as a scientific theory

radicalizing classic Atheism
- from (scientifically tenable) ideological opposition to classic Creationist God,
into (scientifically untenable) hard-line Atheism -
with strident opposition to any 'direction' whatsoever in the universe
as core doctrine.

In the mix,
Their stratagem conveniently aims to toxify competing theorists (typically American),
and attempts to sideline these American theories (typically 'directional universe').

The 'cover':
slap-on-the-back jocularity and pompous self-righteous (misplaced) arrogance

The internal (delusional) mantra:
"We are Imperial" - and we alone - and unilaterally -
will decide what is acceptable academic discourse

Conflating an anti-religious ideology
- with academic teachings

As 90%+ of science academicians in England happen to conveniently be hard-line Atheists, they will merge a fundamentalist ideology (stridently anti-theist), with a (false) scientific hunch (an anti-directional universe); they will then advocate Randomness/Aimlessness - as (alleged) science.
The two - a strident fundamentalist ideology and (false) a hunch - will become one and the same: the (convoluted) 'science' of the Atheist British academics.

the putative 'side benefit':
Presumably the Randomness clique would get to divvy-up global academic influence -
with 'legacy' and sundry accolades in-the-mix....

the ancillary toxic gambits:
the 'gaming' of Google and Wikipedia

teaching the wrong course
The Randomness clique should not be teaching Cosmology;
they should be teaching a course which they actually truly understand:
"Fascism for Beginners" : An Introductory Course

does not actually qualify as science
should not really even be brought up in the Science Department courses;
sort of, a wrong turn in the history of science;
simply not serious

hijacked and mutated classic Atheism
mutated Atheism from: disbelievers in classic God >
rabid and millitant opponents of any 'direction' to the universe

Zombie DNA
we come, we destroy; darkness trumps light; despair trumps hope

We are the nihilist Randomness cultists

Three racketeering identity-masked ghouls on pinnacle British campuses
are allowed to decree verdicts of academic Life or Death
on cosmology/philosophy academics across America ???
- while Cambridge - Oxford - Imperial
hear no evil; see no evil ?
- while cutting-edge American theorists are conveniently undermined
and/or systematically destroyed?
- And while The Chronicle (DC-based) always 'happens' to deliver
the core (often virulently) negativity attack? - which can conveniently and readily
be parlayed by the ghouls' acolytes into a high-profile destructive Guardian article and/or
Wikipedia piece to aid & abet the steady academic asphyxiation of the target theorist?

a (very) small secretive, psychologically twisted clique
- dictates (quack) 'science' to the world?

- by neutralizing/eliminating competing theorists via -
secretly commissioned toxic articles; bare-knuckled academic blackmail;
and gaming Google/Wikipedia?

The core Randomness hierarchy permanently in hiding?

Three thuggish from-the-shadows misfits...

Self-appointed to play

Sadistic cowards...

[NOTE. My family exited Berlin in 1938; we have seen these fascist freaks before...]

The collateral damage:
# a 100+ year (at least as far back as 1900) freeze of scientific advance across multiple fields
# a betrayal of the world's trust in British academe
# the unhinging of England's venerable core academic integrity


But, as noted in the above Scroll Down, Randomness - as front & center - now falls on both key fronts: Cosmology and Evolution

And, all the king's horses
and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty
back together again


"The world is not flat - and the universe is not random" - Birnbaum


see also SuperFormula1000.com

Potentialism Evolution

Metaphysical / Quantum

- Birnbaum, Summa Metaphysica III, January, 2014


Potentialism Evolution




Algorithm > Algorithm *

Evolution / Birnbaum / Potentialism Theory:

The Prime Mover is a quest-force-algorithm -
and this algorithm tweaks** another (subordinate) algorithm - DNA  code.


see also: Super-Formula1000.com


*  conceptually, seems pretty elegant to us
** and sometimes totally re-engineers


Potentialism Evolution


tweaks the genomes (ensemble)



the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis
Potentialism Evolution
Summa's Metaphysics fused with Lloyd's Quantum Mechanics


Evolution / panel A

Evolution: the next focus of Potentialism Theory


Darwinism is fatally flawed

#  The entire Natural Selection / Random Mutations proposition (aka Darwinism) is fatally flawed.

#  Respectfully, notwithstanding its global standing, Natural Selection / Random Mutation
    simply does not advance the Evolution drama.

#  The confluence of factors which launched and sustained the theory at the very center of
    academe is a bizarre 150+ year saga worthy of examination; but that saga is not the focus.   

a1) Except in Marvel (superhero) comic books, mutations are typically weaker than the original;
      a positive mutation is rare, at best; this reality is not a formula for dynamic evolution.

a2) Intergral to DNA - the foundation of life - is (ultra highly sophisticated and complex)
      sequenced digital coding; even one random mutation of this sophisticated
      coding does not end well; mutations undermine 'the foundation of life';
      mutations do not enhance life. Compound mutations of this coding are disastrous,
      not salutary, for the potential of the life form.

a3) At least three dozen universal constants are ultra highly fine-tuned for the existence of life;
      were these constants truly fine-tuned by random mutation? Seriously? 

b) Even if the Darwinian concept were, in principle, viable, one key challenge is that one
    would still need "a trillion-trillion times" the time (4.0-4.5 billion years) currently allotted for the
    5 billion new species.

In the human genome there are 3 billion nucleotides
(and corresponding 3 billion characters of digital code) 

The odds against having gotten to this sequence randomly are
greater than 26 to the power of 3 billion........
Would you take these odds?

Respectfully, classic and well-established Probability Theory would reject random mutation generating five billion species over 4-4.5 billion years as a viable denouement. Probability Theory can be deployed for possibility, not for de facto impossibility*. [To argue to the contrary - per the mainstream consensus - is, respectfully, simply group-think run amok.]

As in cosmology, randomness is clearly amply present on-stage in Evolution, but, once again, is not a component in evolution.

c1) SPECIES: The Cambrian explosion was just half billion year ago. With its uniquely rich and
    extraordinary multitude of new species - within a super-narrow ~19 million year slice of time**,
    it belies Darwinism.
    This issue alone is fatal to Darwinian (Natural Selection / Random Mutation) Theory.

c2) PHYLA: All the major phyla seem to have appeared during the Cambrian Explosion
    (maximum currently guestimated duration: a very narrow 30 million years).

    Thirty million years is a very narrow sliver of the 4.5 billion years of our earth;
    thus, just by the paragraph above, Darwinian Natural Selection / Random Mutation
    is clearly simply not a significant factor in advanced Evolution. 

d) How could complex bio-chemical transformations
    possibly result from the proposed randomness Darwinian mechanism?
    Per Michael Boehe's presentations, biological systems at the molecular level
    present  hyper-complexity even greater than complexity at other levels.

e) How does one get biological creativity/innovation/super-complexity -
    from linear, spaced-out mutations?

f) How does Darwinism explain - "linearly irreducible complexity"
    (my term  / I expanded the classic 'irreducible complexity' term)
    i.e. complexity instances in organisms which simply could not have occurred via a linear
    mutation-sequence stretched-out over time (per standard Darwinian prognostication).
    See also discussions by Michael Boehe - including on YouTube -
    debunking the alleged 'science' here.

g) The fossil record in general and pre-Cambrian, in particular, does not jibe
    with Darwinian theory (see also David Berlinski discussions).

h) Per Randomness / Darwinism - where did
    - first life
    - the first cell
    - the first species 

    each come from?

    >>> No answer, Darwinian crew?

    - the perfectly fine-tuned universe constants?

    >>> No answer, Darwinistas?


Not one species will ever be birthed via Darwinism, let alone billions of species,
even if a trillion years were allotted for even one new species.

Evolution is achieved by Q4P∞ introducing new genes; by re-wiring gene networks;
  and by deliberate and complex
sequenced bio-chemical transformations choreographed by Q4P∞;
Evolution is not achieved via mutations;
not via a slo-mo and simplistic stretched-out linear sequence of random mutations.
 In-the-mix, new proteins and concomitant digital coding must be introduced.
And just where is this new digital coding coming from?
It is certainly not coming from random mutation;
rather, the new (digital) coding is coming to you courtesy of digital-based Q4P∞.




*See Lloyd, Programming the Universe, Knopf, 2007, NY, p. 57

"In fact, the chance of an ordered universe like ours arising out of random flips of a coin is so small as to be effectively zero."

** ~19 million years Cambrian period - out of, say, 4.5 billion years = 4/10 of 1% of the total time sequence....yielding well over 50% of the most complex/sophisticated species?
[Meaning, insufficient time for Natural Selection / Random Mutation
to produce billions of super-complex species.] ***
Why is that theory (Darwinism) still afloat at all? *****
As the expression goes, "What are they smoking?"

*** especially since even a trillion∞ years are insufficient - for even one Darwinian species

***** Can the toxic/machiavellian British-based cohort still manipulate/intimidate/con the entire western world?


the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis
Potentialism Evolution
Summa's Metaphysics fused with Lloyd's Quantum Mechanics


Evolution / panel B


Q4P encompasses the fusion of -
Quantum-information processing + Quantum-computing + Quantum-engineering
to play-out  
Q4P → C+ → E+

Q4P re-engineering the genomes  


 Other Related Theorists


What Charles Darwin (On the Origin of Species 1859) reads as 'natural selection';

what George C. Williams (Adaptation and Natural Selection, 1966)
and Richard Dawkins (The Selfish Gene 1976)
are reading as 'gene-centered Evolution';

what Murray Gell-Man (The Quark and the Jaguar 1994) is viewing as 'complex adaptive systems'

what Stuart Kauffman (At Home in the Universe 1995) is reading as 'self-organizing systems';

what David Pines (Complex Adaptive Matter 2005) is reading as 'complex adaptive matter',

are all actually one and the same:

the Potentialim Evolution hypothesis -


What they are viewing, is actually Q4P re-engineering the genomes

More technically, they are (typically) viewing Q4P on a local-level/micro-level tweaking & re-engineering an individual genome.

However, the plot thickens....

#  Q4P Evolution is operating simultaneously in an integrated fashion across
all the genomes of our planet

#  Meaning, the educated hypothesis is that plant genomes
will be re-engineering ensemble with human genomes and ensemble with insect genomes, etc.

#  Why the integrated choreography? Because, of course, all the 'pieces' need to advance
(and fit/interact) together ensemble / efficiently / dynamically - on the C+ march towards E+.




note: the now-established phenomenon (per Carl R. Woese d. 2012) of H.G.T (Horizontal Gene Transfer) - that DNA itself can indeed move sideways, across barriers, from one kind of creature to another -  would buttress (Summa's) Evolution Theory above.

Summa (just above) posits simultaneous (varied) re-engineering across 'barriers' (life forms); Woese (in the late 1990s) posited simultaneous identical DNA-cluster replicating across 'barriers'. So, Woese was on a parallel but different track. [However, I suspect that Woese may have missed important variations in the 'replications' - and, in fact, was observing precisely what I am hypothesizing.]

Some macro Observations

Five billion (ever more sophisticated and wondrous) species over the lifespan course of life on our planet.

Random mutations crucially setting the stage for the inexorable advance/expansion and Complexification of the species on our planet?
No, the random mutations are an insignificant side show, not factoring-into evolution

So, Evolution, YES; but the catalyst and driver is Q4P.

Notwithstanding the politically correct pro-Darwinian view, random genetic mutations in nature are (per Potentialism Theory) respectfully simply not a factor in evolutionary biology. And, yes, correct, Natural Selection, a pillar of modern biology, falls. The 1-2 punch of iconic Darwinism - Natural Selection / Random Mutation , however established in modern science, is fatally-flawed. 

[ Per Potentialism Ancestor of Man was one of the complex species progenitors launched/created by 'the designer' (Q4P) during the narrow (~30 million-year wide) Cambrian Explosion c. 500 mill BCE. ]

In both cosmology, in general, and evolution, in particular,  Q4P is 'cracking the whip' and 'running the show'; not Randomness.

Both cosmology and related evolutionary biology are 'directional', not random-chance.

In both cases, we do not ride a multi-billion year trajectory towards E+ (Extraordinariation) via randomness. It is hard enough for ('directional') metaphysical/quantum hyper-intelligence Q4P to pull this off ; )

Building-out the Cosmic Order - ongoing over the eons - requires a (directional) hyper-intelligent prime prime time catalyst - Q4P.


the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis
Potentialism Evolution
Summa's Metaphysics fused with Lloyd's Quantum Mechanics


Evolution / panel C


Q4P encompasses the fusion of -
Quantum-information processing + Quantum-computing + Quantum-engineering
to play-out  
Q4P → C+ → E+


TimeLine / Context


A) Summa Metaphysica series 1988, 2005, 2014, 2020

B) John Archibald Wheeler (1989 - see below) sets the digital stage from his Princeton base

C) Seth Lloyd, from his MIT base (2006) sets the quantum mechanics 'wiring' for Potentialism Theory

# More specifically, Wheeler's iconic proposition of It from Bit (Santa Fe Institute Spring 1989)
sets the stage for Lloyd's the universe as computer (2006: Programming the Universe).

# As per the three panels Birnbaum:Lloyd above, Lloyd furnishes the quantum mechanics
to support the Potentialism metaphysics.

# Lloyd's quantum mechanics (via bits) proposition for:
quantum - information processing / computing / engineering,
dovetails seamlessly into Potentialism's more conceptual Evolution theory.

# Lloyd himself (as of JAN 2022) still has not extrapolated his quantum mechanics into
an evolution theory. (He may be wary of inciting the Darwinist gangster sub-cohort.)

# Lloyd may be under the gun, but he may see a Nobel - if MIT can find a way to give him
his Center for Extreme Quantum Information back - on premises [ expeditiously ].




. Cosmology Evolution
aimless/random aimless/random mutation
- with Natural Selection

Thus, Randomness Formulation deploys a non-directional 'play' - aimlessness -
somehow first to ignite our universe. and then to sustain / drive / iterate / optimize / expand
our universe - over a 14 billion year span and counting. In the mix, non-directional 'aimlessness' somehow - miraculously - allegedly via random mutations - drives Evolution forward from a single cell entity to 21st Century humans and associated consciousness. Quite a feat for an 'aimless' play.

Potentialism, on the other hand, deploys its quite-directional core dynamic -
Q4P - across both Cosmology and Evolution.



[ theory development: historical trajectory ]


the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis
Potentialism Evolution
Summa's Metaphysics fused with Lloyd's Quantum Mechanics


Evolution / panel D


Q4P encompasses the fusion of -
Quantum-information processing + Quantum-computing + Quantum-engineering
to play-out  
Q4P → C+ → E+


[ per Potentialism Theory ]

Q4P tweaks the genomes
[ theory development: historical trajectory ]


c. 350 BCE (384 BCE-322 BCE)
Aristotle /
The universe has 'direction';
but that 'direction' is not known
or delineated by Aristotle

c. 1557 (1534-1572)
Baal Shem Tov / Founder, Hasidism
The entire universe is one interconnected
Life Force

c. 1677 (1632-1677)
Spinoza / Ethics
The universe is a lattice-work;
meaning, it is thoroughly inter-connected

c. 1745 (1698-1760)
Isaac Luria / founder of Modern Kabbalah
The universe emerges from the 'No End'

Darwin / Origin of Species
Evolution / Natural Selection

Birnbaum / Summa I Potentialism Theory
Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P)
ignited and drives the universe;

new paradigm Potentialism Theodicy
gains global traction

Proposed eternal dynamic Infinite Quest for Potential
overthrows all classic metaphysics,
and lays the groundwork for Directional Universe

John Wheeler / "It from Bit"
Information, Physics & Quantum
(Sub-atomic) information bits are the
foundation of the universe.

Birnbaum / Summa II
Q4P drives the universe;

the Birnbaum SuperFormula:
Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P) >
Complexification (C+) >
Extraordinariation (E+)

presentation/delineation of
Direction of the Universe

Provides an Overarching Metaphysics / Simultaneous Solution

Seth Lloyd / Programming the Universe
Quantum Mechanics proposition:
In each atom there are bits which
communicate with bits in other atoms
across the universe - and compute the
advance/buildout of the universe ongoing

'Birnbaum/Potentialism Evolution' theory - with MIT in the mix.

Overthrows Randomness across multiple fronts
(including vis à vis Cosmology and Evolution)

Creation Ex Nihilo+

A fully-integrated secular metaphysics/cosmology

Super-Formula / Cosmic Algorithm
Suis Generis Code/Coding
Mirror Hypothesis / Cosmic Detective
Three Epochs / Push-Pull / 2 births
cosmic pulse, leveraged buyout & tango

Q4P∞-Evolution re-engineers/tweaks the 'human genome' -
and possibly many thousands of inter/related genomes -
and maybe ALL the genomes planet-wide -
and maybe all the genomes
universe-wide, if extraterrestrial genomes exist.

Remember, per Birnbaum/Potentialism the universe is one interlocked super-equation;
thus the universe-spanning super-genome can potentially be tweaked ‘at-will’.

The entire universe-spanning genome? You just know that this will be the final-final conclusion in due course.



grand unifcation

Metaphysics / Cosmology / Spirituality / Quantum Mechanics / Evolutionary Theory


the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis
Potentialism Evolution
Summa's Metaphysics fused with Lloyd's Quantum Mechanics


Evolution / panel E


Q4P encompasses the fusion of -
Quantum-information processing + Quantum-computing + Quantum-engineering
to play-out  
Q4P → C+ → E+




  Q4P intelligence > 
 human intelligence > 
which produced

- but each is quite distinct and unique

Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory


the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis
Potentialism Evolution
Summa's Metaphysics fused with Lloyd's Quantum Mechanics


Evolution / panel F


Q4P encompasses the fusion of -
Quantum-information processing + Quantum-computing + Quantum-engineering
to play-out  
Q4P → C+ → E+




. Potentialism Darwinism
Species evolve? Y Y
the literal Biblical presentation N N
Evolution gamut planet-wide**;
driven by a transcendent dynamic? Y N
Driver Infinite
Quest for Potential (Q4P)
Natural Selection /
Random Mutations
underpinning Quantum Mechanics ostensibly Struggle for existence
Designer? Yes / Q4P No / none
Conceptualizer David Birnbaum (Manhattan) Charles Darwin
(Kent/Greater London)
Core Text Summa Metaphysica (see summa-4.com) Origin of Species 1859

// Per Potentialism Ancestor of Man was one of the complex species progenitors
launched/created by "the designer (Q4P∞)' during the narrow
(~30 million-year wide) Cambrian Explosion c. 500 mill BCE.

** and maybe universe-wide - if extraterrestrial life exists



Creating / Morphing
a Species


- is a highly-sophisticated operation/endeavor

Multiply that sophisticated work by several billion species

It is a serious undertaking - for a -

hyper-intelligent / hyper-powerful / hyper-focused

We identify that SOMETHING as Q4P
( see Super-Formula1000.com )

And our position is that -

No species has ever been created by
(ultimately fatally-flawed)
Natural Selection / Random Mutation (aka Darwinism) -
and none ever will be




*** this directional/micromanaging quest-force-algorithm proposition is the polar-opposite of non-directional Random Mutation-Natural Selection aka Darwinism


Q4P: Birnbaum's hypothesized directional
Prime Mover quest-force-algorithm



Eternal Origins >Evolution per the Summa hypothesis




The (ethereal & eternal)
Cosmic Womb of Potential *

of the universe

which is building-out and complexifying the universe
via its ALGORITHM ***
Q4P → C+ → E+

in the case of
in particular
the Q4P algorithm tweaks the (subsidiary) genome DNA algorithm


* metaphysical / intangible / ethereal - it is a 'something' close to 'nothing';
see Chronology1000.com / Epoch 1
*** see Super-Formula1000.com


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